APU Scissor Lift Platform

With the NIJL APU scissor lift, performing maintenance to the APU becomes a lot safer and easier. The lift is designed with a large working platform to store the APU while performing maintenance, for tools and for multiple technicians to work simultaneously

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed for use on multiple aircraft types
  • Large working platform for APU storage, tools and maintenance engineers
  • Platform fall protection due to the self-closing gate
  • Electric height adjustment system with remote control
  • Safety system included in case of emergency
  • Large gate with safety switches to easily transport tools or the APU to or from the working platform
  • Large height adjustment range


  • Stable and robust design with reduced footprint
  • Built-in stairs to enter the working platform
  • Additional steps to access top of APU compartment
  • Rubber padding to protect aircraft skin
  • Including tow bar