We specialize in designing and manufacturing high-quality, innovative docking systems and access stands that ensure safe and efficient access to aircraft.

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Docking Systems

NIJL supplies the ideal docking system for all types of aircrafts to allow safe and efficient inspections and maintenance jobs.

Our docking systems cater for all types of narrow and wide body aircraft, meeting all your requirements.

Our products range includes:

  • Complete docking systems
  • Nose Docks
  • Wing Docks
  • Tail Docks
  • Fuselage Docks
  • Engine Docks
  • Inspection and maintenance
Aircraft Docking Systems - NIJL

Ground Support Equipment

Our Ground Support Equipment (GSE) product range includes Special Purpose Stands and Multipurpose Stands.

Our Special Purpose Stands provide optimal access to specific areas around the aircraft that are difficult to reach with standard stands. The working conditions are optimal due to a design tailored for its purpose and featuring an optional height adjustment system.

  • Cockpit Window Stands
  • Wheel Well Stands
  • APU Stands
  • Engine Access equipment
  • Undercowl Stands
  • PAX Door Stands
  • Cargo Door and Bulk Cargo Door Stands
  • Landing Gear Stands (main and nose)
  • Undercowl & Pylon Stands (Rollercoaster)
  • Trim Horizontal Stabilizer Stands

Our Multi-Purpose Stands ensure optimal flexibility to access several areas around the aircraft with the same stand.

  • Fixed Height Stands – with Flexible Railing System (FRS) or Fixed Height Railing
  • Height Adjustable Stairs MPS
  • Height Adjustable Stairs VHS
  • Height Adjustable Stairs SFS
A350 ground support equipment package