NIJL in-house engineering team - technical drawing

In-house engineering

In-house engineering team

The NIJL in-house engineering team develops and designs client specific access solutions. Our engineering department is more than ready to do:

  • 3D scanning
  • Technical drawings
  • Structural calculations
  • Prototyping

We collaborate with research centers to provide the best solution using latest techniques.

We are known from the aircraft industry. Since 1966 we have developed many work, maintenance and access platforms for airlines and MRO’s all over the world. All the platforms meet the high standards of the aircraft industry. Since a couple of years we are expanding our activities to other markets, for instance, power turbines, heath exchange, automotive, rail, food, process and storage industry.

NIJL in-house engineering team - technical drawing

Benefits NIJL engineering

  • Ergonomic and innovative design;
  • Meeting all safety and health standards;
  • Ease of use; lightweight equipment;
  • Multifunctional; one piece of equipment that caters for several areas and purposes;
  • Reduced footprint;
  • Standard line or custom made.
NIJL in-house engineering team 01

Safety and health regulations

Our products comply with all safety and health regulations, for instance:

  • ISO
  • AS/NZS
  • NEN
  • OSHA
ISO-certificate-Nijl BV-2024 -

Meet our team

Emile Rosenberg
Manager Engineering
Martin Schiewe
Project Manager
Chris Emmink
Sales Director
Jonathan Attfield
Sales Manager
Ton Sonneveld
Project Manager
Norbert Pieterse

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