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Road & Rail Access Solutions

Maintaining a modern fleet of transport vehicles often requires mechanics and engineers to work at height to access air conditioning units, carry out structural or glazing repairs. Increasingly with electric vehicles becoming more popular regular access to roof mounted power supply equipment present access challenges to operators and maintainers.

NIJL has developed a range of fixed and adjustable height access equipment to specifically address the requirements of bus and train operators and manufacturers to ensure the essential work can be carried out safely and efficiently.

Our Road & Rail access equipment includes:

  • Roof Access Platforms
  • Door Access Platforms
  • Nose End Platforms (Windshield)
  • General Mobile Access Equipment
  • EV Bus Roof Access
  • Workshop / Production gantries

Whether you are looking for a mobile access platform or a complete access system (gantry) for an assembly line. We design, supply and install the access solution that meet all your specific requirements.

Road & Rail access solutions - NIJL

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