Aircraft Conversion

Aircraft Conversion Access Equipment (Docks, Platforms, GSE) for Passenger to Freighter and special modifications.

Key Benefits

  • Turn-key delivery of aircraft conversion access equipment
  • Modular designs
  • Docking system solutions
  • Special access platform solutions
  • Configurable to customer needs
  • Optimized for task-oriented work flow and handling of tooling and aircraft components
  • Following latest design standards and guidelines for commercial and military aircraft applications
  • Experience with industry established aircraft conversion projects

P2F: e.g. A320/A330/B737/B767/B777 series. Special modifications: e.g. B737 series


  • Single and multiple aircraft configurations
  • Ground mobile
  • Easy-to-manoeuvre
  • Safety / fall-protection features
    • Configurable railing solutions
    • Adjustable floor panel solutions
    • Height-adjustment solutions
  • Dedicated utility installation (electrical / pneumatics)
  • Intuitive user interfaces
  • Including safety labels, signs and instruction plates
  • Mixed aluminium-steel material selection for lightweightness, robustness and stability
  • Conservation to corrosion and aviation liquids