Narrow Body Compact Nose Access Stand

This PAX Door and Cockpit Window stand features a compact design but offers the advantages of a Nose Dock. Platform is sized and configurable for seats and galley removal from the aircraft. One product provides access to both sides of the aircraft, is easy to maneuver and takes up very minimal space in the hangar.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed for both PAX door and cockpit Window access (left and right side)
  • Platform sized and configurable for seats and galley removal from the aircraft
  • Adjustable railings and floors are used to enclose the aircraft contour, ensuring optimal access and fall protection
  • Fits multiple narrow body aircraft types for on wheels and jacked maintenance configuration
  • Ground mobile for flexible maintenance operations in the hangar bay
  • Minimum footprint and maximized floor area
  • Robustness and stability due to mixed aluminum and steel material application


  • Manual height adjustment (Optional: electro-hydraulic height adjustment)
  • Adjustable floor elements
  • Slidable railing and pivotable gates
  • Rubber padding to protect aircraft skin
  • Utility board for electrics (230V socket) and compressed air connection (1/2”BSP)
  • Designed according to the latest safety standards