Narrow Body Nose Dock with Avionics Level

This special mobile nose dock is very easy to maneuver, because it consists of two mobile platforms on aircraft left and a right side. This compact height adjustable nose dock provides access to the aircraft nose section including dedicated floors to the avionics bay.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed combination dock for modern narrow body aircraft types
  • Easy to maneuver due to split dock layout; left/right side
  • Height adjustable for aircraft on wheels and jacked
  • Ground mobile for flexible maintenance operations in the hangar bay
  • Access to the complete nose section: radome, skin surface, probes, cockpit windows and FWD pax door
  • Access to the avionics bay floors with a telescopic ladder
  • Adjustable floor and railing systems for ease of docking and safety procedures
  • Optimized for workflow of maintenance tasks: multiple mechanics, components, tools and equipment
  • Minimum footprint and maximized floor area
  • Robustness and stability due to mixed aluminum and steel material application


  • ¬†Height adjustable (optional: electric-hydraulic system)
  • Marine plywood deck floor (optional: aluminum tearplate)
  • Aluminum extendable floors and adjustable railing following the aircraft contours for access and fall protection
  • Rubber padding for aircraft surface protection
  • Side gates for loading and off-loading of aircraft components, tooling and equipment
  • Utilities and lighting for aircraft maintenance operations
  • Design according to the latest safety standards