Narrow Body Tail Dock

The Universal Tail Dock is optimized to access the vertical tailplane of narrow body aircraft. This height adjustable combination dock is ground mobile for flexible and time-efficient maintenance operations and has minimal footprint to save valuable hangar space.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed combination dock for modern narrow body aircraft types on wheels and jacked
  • Height adjustable to fit multiple narrow body aircraft types
  • Ground mobile for flexible maintenance operations in the hangar bay
  • Access along the vertical tailplane from root to tip including rudder for maintenance and flight control surface testing
  • Dorsal fin access upon request for range of aircraft type
  • Adjustable floor and railing systems for ease of docking and safety procedures
  • Large platform size for simultaneous work by mechanics, allocation of tooling and aircraft components
  • Small footprint to save hangar space
  • Robustness and stability due to mixed aluminum and steel material application
  • Design according to the latest safety standards


  • Tower structure with integrated stairways and cantilever floor
  • Height adjustment with electrically driven spindles system for ergonomics and ease of maintenance operations
  • Extendable floors following the aircraft contours and movable railing for access and fall protection
  • Rubber padding for aircraft surface protection
  • Utilities and lighting for aircraft maintenance operations
  • Optional: APU access moduleOptional: Horizontal stabilizer access modules (LH+RH)
  • Optional: Self-propelled wheel system