Tail Dock for business jets

Experience the NIJL Tail Dock for business jets, where T-tail inspections and maintenance becomes easy, effortlessly combining safety and convenience. This Tail Dock also significantly reduces aircraft downtime and turnaround time.

Key Benefits

  • Multipurpose dock optimized for horizontal and vertical tail maintenance
  • Adjustable height system for perfect fit to multiple aircraft types
  • Eight technicians can perform maintenance simultaneously on the dock
  • Retractable floors to tightly enclose the aircraft for a safe working environment
  • Easy to move because it is a mobile dock


  • Bottom floor for vertical tail maintenance
  • Top floor for horizontal tail maintenance
  • Variable stair flight and a Fixed stair flight
  • Included: retractable floor tool
  • Included: towbar
  • Optional: electric mover to easily drive or reposition the dock in the hangar