Wide Body Wing Dock

The mobile wing dock provides the time-efficient and flexible maintenance solution for wide body aircraft. The modular design enables multiple wide body aircraft applications and functionality tailored to your workflow and aircraft maintenance procedures.

Key Benefits

  • Specifically designed for modern wide body aircraft
  • Height adjustable for aircraft on wheels and jacked
  • Ground mobile for flexible maintenance operations in the hangar bay
  • Modular design for time-efficiency and minimal footprint operations for various aircraft combinations
  • Under wing access from main landing gear strut to wing tip for maintenance and flight control surfaces testing
  • Optional modules: wing tip and upper wing access
  • Adjustable floor and railing systems for ease of docking, multiple aircraft applications, flight control surface deflections and safety procedures
  • Robust and stable due to mixed aluminum and steel material application
  • Design according to the latest safety standards


  • Height adjustable with electric-hydraulic system for ergonomics and ease of maintenance operation
  • Large sloped floor platform with walk zones around projected wing area
  • Extendable floors for aircraft wing tripod configurations, access, utility system transits and safety purposes
  • Adjustable railing configurable for nose-in or tail-in docking procedures and fall protection
  • Rubber padding for aircraft surface protection
  • Utilities and lighting for aircraft maintenance operations