“Chinook Trio for NATO Mission in Iraq Complete”

We are incredibly proud to see our Chinook access platforms being utilized for the NATO mission in Iraq.

“The last 2 Chinook transport helicopters for the NATO mission in Iraq (NMI) have also arrived in the country. A detachment consisting of 120 military personnel will begin carrying out its tasks next month. These tasks include supplying units and transporting advisors, units, and equipment.” – source Dutch Ministry of Defence https://www.defensie.nl/actueel/nieuws/2024/04/15/trio-chinooks-voor-navo-missie-irak-compleet

The NIJL Out Of Area Platforms

For the Dutch Ministry of Defence we developed Out Of Area (OOA) platforms:

  • High platform for FWD & AFT Pylon access
  • Medium platform
  • Helicopter emergency ladder

The platforms are specifically optimized to fit into 20 ft containers so they can be transported for missions abroad. Additionally, the Helicopter Emergency Ladder even fits inside the Chinook Helicopter itself.

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