Donation for the Dutch Salvation Army

On behalf of NIJL, Henry gave a cheque, worth € 1.500,- to Debora, from the salvation army in Zwolle. The donation is meant for the project called ‘Buurthuiskamer’ (community building) of the Dutch Salvation Army. This community building is a great initiative that has gained a substantial growth during the COVID-19 pandemic.

The building is run for and by the residents of the city Zwolle, who may be facing challenges in life. This is a place where they can meet, talk to each other and join a meal.

The Buurthuiskamer project doesn’t receive subsidies and relies on donations. We are very pleased to contribute to this meaningful project.

Please visit the website to find our more or support the project:

In the image below you see Henry from NIJL and Debora from the Salvation Army NL.

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