Maintenance depot in Woensdrecht (NL) carries out maintenance on first Dutch F35

Image: – Sjoerd Hilckmann. The F-35 Joint Program Office coordinates depot planning for the Dutch fleet in collaboration with the F-35 Logistics Operation Center.

Completey renovated hangar with NIJL docking system

“It’s worth a good look when you walk into the completely renovated hangar of the Logistics Center Woensdrecht (LCW). But hidden behind a lot of workstations – made in the Netherlands bij NIJL – is a F35 under maintenance. The first, so a scoop for the 980 Maintenance Squadron, which is doing everything it can to deliver the aircraft spick and span to the 322 Squadron.”

Text: Arno Marchand | Photos: Sergeant Sjoerd Hilckmann | |

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